Active Transportation Plan

The Rim of the World Active Transportation Plan (ATP) will identify opportunities for people to walk, bike, and use other forms of active transportation throughout the Rim Communities. The final Rim of the World Active Transportation Plan will identify priority projects to create a more connected, safe, and active community.

The 2nd Public Workshop for the Active Transportation Plan was held on Wednesday, February 15th at Rim of the World High School from 6 to 8 pm. At the workshop, a presentation was given on the project progress followed by open-house stations showing maps with proposed active transportation concepts for the community to review and provide feedback. The following topics were presented at the stations (Click on the title to view illustration):

Activity Centers Destinations Tourism Wayfinding

This station illustrated the existing locations of activity centers and destinations or places where community members of tourists are likely to travel to by foot or bike. Opportunities to increase wayfinding were also presented.

Unpaved Trails

This station illustrated the locations of existing and conceptual unpaved trails throughout the Rim communities. Existing trails were identified through observation and local input from residents. Conceptual trails are areas where a new connection is proposed or needed.

Pedestrian Facilities

This station illustrated existing sidewalks and crosswalks as well as proposed improvements to the pedestrian network that could make destinations more accessible by foot.

Road Cycling Facilities

This station illustrated bicycle facilities that are planned by the County of San Bernardino and proposed as part of this ATP, including bikes lanes and bike routes.

Schools and Transit

This station illustrated all school locations (active and closed) and existing transit routes and stops. Participants were asked what types of improvements would best serve the community.

Participants were encouraged to review each of the boards and provide feedback on a questionnaire or to any of the project team members.

If you were unable to attend the Workshop, feel free to complete a questionnaire provided via the link to the right and drop it off at the Rim of the World Park and Recreation District Offices.

Please fill out questionnaire Workshop #2 Questionnaire


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