Active Transportation Plan

The Rim of the World Active Transportation Plan (Rim ATP) is the product of a grassroots community driven effort. Three members of the community, Bruce Daniels, Ken Witte, and Sue Walker, collaborated on an Active Transportation Program planning grant application, which funded production of this plan. Advocates of walking, bicycling, and horseback riding in Rim of the World recognize that these activities are part of active lifestyles and an opportunity for economic development. They also recognize that walking and bicycling are a means of transportation. By developing a system of pedestrian, bicycle, and equestrian facilities, the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District, community stakeholders, and partner organizations will provide residents and visitors with facilities that connect villages, points of recreation, transit hubs, schools, and job centers. Due to the areas covered by the Rim ATP, this plan includes on- and off-street paved facilities, along with unpaved multipurpose trails.

Download the FINAL DRAFT of the Rim of the World Active Transportation Plan

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